Refugees and Migrants

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Arrived! And Now?

Eine Migrantenfamilie bei der Beratung

What is required? How do you orientate yourself in the German employment market? Where can you find a traineeship or an apprenticeship position?

We will give you support in writing applications, preparing for job interviews and finding a job. Those who have not applied for ALG II yet will get some advice: Which benefits are there and how to get them? We organize workshops about habitation, give useful advice about cultural togetherness, find further helpdesks and keep our ears open for your questions about life in Germany.

We will listen to you and we are looking forward to getting to know you!

The widespread network of Caritas provides support for nearly each aspect of life. Thus, we are able to give you even more support than just in the field of jobs and apprenticeship: Housing, health, legal and social questions are just on top.

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